CDMAM 3.4 & Analyser

Gold Standard Mammographic Contrast-Detail Phantom



The CDMAM 3.4 image analyser software version 2.2 is using the newest methodology for analysis of the CDMAM 3.4 images according to the supplement to the European Guidelines for Quality Assurance in Breast Cancer Screening and Diagnosis. 


  • Accumulate the results of the automatic readout software CDCOM (1) 
  • Determine the psychometric curves 
  • Detect the threshold thickness of the different diameters (2) 
  • Correct to human readout values 
  • Calculate the contrast detail (CD) (3) 

Ease of use 

  • Multiple groups with images to compare over period changes 
  • Several settings and different devices, 
  • Batch analysis of many images, 
  • Shows in between results (score diagram, psychometric curves, 
  • Individual CD curves), 
  • Compatible to Windows 7 and 8, 
  • Drag and drop images to the software, 
  • Images can be viewed and inspected by zooming in, 
  • IQFInverse scores and Total detected (%) number of gold discs are shown, 
  • Attenuation coefficient of gold dependent on the beam quality are 
  • Automatically detected and can be set by hand.

Specifications & requirements 

  • Image format: DICOM 
  • Free usb port needed 
  • Runs on windows 7® , 8® and 10® platforms 
  • In combination with the CDMAM 3.4 Phantom 

Specifications are subject to change without notice. Always read product labelling/inserts for complete instructions, warnings and restrictions.