CDMAM 4.0 & Analyser

Optimisation and evaluation of digital mammography systems.


The Artinis CDMAM 4.0 is the next generation Mammograhy Contrast Detail Phantom with improved specifications, created from a highly accurate production process. The phantom is optimized for European Guidelines for Quality Assurance in Digital Mammography. The gold discs are placed in the area of interest of the psychometric curve for accurate determination of Contrast Detail curves. 


  • 672 gold discs divided in 21 exponential steps, diameter ranging from 0.08 to 2.0 mm
  • Every single diameter has its own optimized gold thickness range with 16 different thickness steps
  • 43 additional reference discs for optimal computerized scoring
  • 0.5 mm polished aluminium (99.5%) base
  • PMMA cover (240 x 162 x 3 mm)
  • Includes 4 PMMA plates (10 mm polished appearance, thickness tolerance ± 0.1 mm)

CDMAM Analyser Software

The CDMAM 4.0 Phantom has been specially designed for automatic image scoring. For analysis of the phantom images we have developed CDMAM 4.0 Analyser Software, based on CDCOM for CDMAM 4.0 ( With the analyser software the threshold contrast thicknesses are determined according the supplement to the 4th edition of the European Guidelines.

  • Fast, objective Image Evaluation
  • Automatic Report Generation

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