Quality control for dental X-ray systems.


The Artinis CDDENT 1.0 phantom is a contrast detail phantom designed for quality control in dental radiology systems. In this phantom objects with very small contrast and diameter are used. By using this phantom quality can be tested and maintained through the years, and radiation dose versus image quality can be optimized. 


  • Family member of the Contrast-Detail phantoms 
  • Aid for improving image quality 
  • Monitors the Image information content 
  • Contrast–Detail curve/detectability 
  • Tests low contrast and spatial resolution 


  • System quality control and optimization 
  • Optimization of the radiation dose vs. image quality relationship 
  • Comparison of image quality at various object thicknesses 
  • Suitable for all common intra-oral sensor sizes 
  • Comparison of different systems and sensors 
  • Automatic read-out software, the CDDENT 

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