CDRAD & Analyzer

Quality control for radiological systems.


The CDRAD 2.0 phantom is designed for testing the physical properties of radiology systems and the observer’s perception. Image quality in radiology is defined by the physical properties of the image chain, but the perception by the observer is crucial for the right diagnosis. The contrast-detail phantom CDRAD quantifies both, the contrast-detail properties of the system and its images and the observer’s perception of these contrasts and details. The Artinis CDRAD 2.0 phantom is applicable within the entire range of diagnostic imaging systems, such as fluoroscopy and digital subtraction angiography.


  • Optimisation and evaluation of digital radiology systems
  • Determination of the optimum exposure techniques
  • Comparison of image quality at various of PMMA thicknesses
  • Evaluation of the image quality versus dose relation
  • Determination of the optimum background density
  • Comparison of different radiology systems


  • Two cylindrical holes for each combination
  • Depth 0.3 .. 8.0 mm, ± 0.03 mm
  • (15 exponential steps)
  • Diameter 0.3 .. 8.0 mm, ± 0.03 mm
  • (15 exponential steps)


  • Aid for improving image quality
  • Monitors the Image information content
  • Contrast–Detail curve/detectability
  • Tests low contrast and spatial resolution

Analyser software

A companion to the Artinis CDRAD phantom is the Artinis CD Analyser program. This program has the ability to score digital images obtained with the CDRAD phantom automatically. Its a necessity for maintaining quality. The program is easy to use and gives the user reports of the quality of the images obtained.



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