NIRS and Tobii eye tracking

“Bringing together the various methods of data collection and analysis”

The evaluation of eye tracking data in combination with biosignals has resulted in new methods and findings in the field of market research. Completely new data collections, such as the measurement of brain activity using the NIRS technology, are now possible and financially affordable by technological progress.

Tobii eye tracking recording. Below: NIRS data from the PortaLite integrated with Eye tracking data.

Tobii eye tracking recording.
Below: NIRS data from the PortaLite integrated with Eye tracking data.

Eye gaze technology and NIRS

We understand the importance of combining different biometric techniques with NIRS. That is why we have partnered up with BiSigma. Together we work on biometric solutions and provide a combination of hardware and software to serve your individual needs. With the BiSigma software it is possible to integrate other signal modalities into one analysis program.

NIRS and eye tracker applications

Integration with the Tobii eye tracking devices as well as other biometric data integrated with our NIRS products already proved to be very successful. Because of the superior background light compensation of the Portalite, it works seamlessly together with the Tobii eye tracker and the BiSigma software. 

Eye tracking and NIRS is used in the fields of marketing and consumer research (food studies) up to user experience and interaction research. An example of such a consumer marketing research study supported by EFRO is FOCOM (Food and Cognition Model systems), a recent scientific project Artinis Medical Systems has participated in. The main goal was to design novel test setups that can help us understand how food and brain influence each other. With the virtual shop simulator a consumer was enabled to navigate through a virtual supermarket while his behaviour, physiology and brain responses were captured with NIRS, EEG and eye tracking. 

Next to food studies it is also possible to simultaneously record eye-tracking and NIRS data in e.g. a driving simulator or with other human performance (sports) studies. 

Combine NIRS with Tobii eye tracking

Get the most out of your research and benefit from this integration. Combine eye tracking with one of our portable and wireless NIRS devices like the Brite, PortaLite or OctaMon, while maintaining all the physical freedom you need.