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Artinis Medical Systems is an innovative, dynamic and globally operating company in the Netherlands. Artinis is a global market leader in image quality assessment of x-ray devices and near-infrared spectroscopy devices used to monitor tissue oxygenation. Our leading (wearable) NIRS-devices are used in renowned institutes and universities worldwide e.g. in cognitive and clinical neuroscience, brain computer interface and sport science. To continue our growth as a company, we are looking for an:

Software Developer

As a Software Developer within the development team of Artinis, you will develop, build, maintain and test user software, application software and apps for our wearable Near Infrared Spectroscopy devices.

Early Stage Researcher (ESR) / Doctoral Student - RHUMBO

As an ESR your task will entail the modelling systemic, functional and artifactual components of the NIRS signal using biophysical models and non-parametric estimation techniques, applying end evaluating psychological methods and tests and Machine Learning techniques such as Recurrent and Convolutional Neural Networks on multimodal data to infer the participant’s mental state and decision process in a mixed reality environment.


Early Stage Researcher (ESR) / Doctoral Student - INFANS

As an ESR your task will entail data analysis for validation of our neonatal monitor device and development of machine learning algorithms for improving signal quality for neonatal monitoring. The end goal is to transfer these methods into clinical practice in collaboration with our clinical partners.


Early Stage Researcher (ESR) - INFANS

As an ESR your task will entail development of novel neonatal fNIRS monitoring equipment, which focuses on fNIRS sensor design optimization. You will also have the chance to work with the latest tech in portable optical imaging and to be apply it in the clinic.


Students and Graduates

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