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Artinis Medical Systems is an innovative, dynamic and globally operating company in the Netherlands. Artinis is a global market leader in image quality assessment of x-ray devices and near-infrared spectroscopy devices used to monitor tissue oxygenation. Our leading (wearable) NIRS-devices are used in renowned institutes and universities worldwide e.g. in cognitive and clinical neuroscience, brain computer interface and sport science. To continue our growth as a company, we are looking for an:

Software Developer

As a Software Developer within the development team of Artinis, you will develop, build, maintain and test user software, application software and apps for our wearable Near Infrared Spectroscopy devices.

Biomedical Engineer

As a Biomedical Engineer, you will be joining the Research and Development team and will be a key member of the group for development and testing of research and biomedical devices. The position will entail the planning, creation, and execution of product and software testing and validation of test methods used for the characterization of products through concept, development, and post-launch phases.



Administratief medewerker(ster) voor 20 uur per week

Als Administratief Medewerkerster ondersteun je de office manager met voorkomende werkzaamheden: voorraadbeheer, archivering, inkoopproces beheren, het voorbereiden van verkooporders, de sales assistent ondersteunen in dagelijkse bezigheden, ondersteuning van het door ons jaarlijks georganiseerde ARTscientific congres.

Test & Elektronica Assemblage Technicus

Als Test & Elektronica Assemblage Technicus versterk je ons huidige team binnen de assemblage en logistieke afdeling. Je bent verantwoordelijk voor het testen van (veelal toegeleverde) innovatieve medische systemen. Daarnaast ben je verantwoordelijk voor het assembleren van klant specifieke accessoires en het uitvoeren van reparaties. In samenwerking met de ontwikkelafdeling assembleer je prototypes.


Students and Graduates

Are you interested in thesis projects, internship or part time work at Artinis?
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