Underwater NIRS

Muscle Oxygenation changes measured with the Russian Olympic synchronised swimming team. 


Last month our portable NIRS devices were featured in the Japanese tv show called Miracle Body,  broadcasted on NHK. 

Miracle Body is revealing how the world’s top athletes use their bodies and skills to produce outstanding results. 

In this particular episode the Olympic teams of Russia and Spain used our PortaLite and PortaMon devices to measure muscle oxygenation changes with synchronised swimming. 

The aim of this research was to show the difference in data between a 5th time consecutive Olympic champion compared to on of the runners up — the Spanish team. With the support of Dr. Benjamin Jones (Essex University) and by making the devices waterproof, the program showed interesting results. 

This is an impressive showcase which proves that NIRS measurements can be performed even underwater. 

We would like to congratulate the Russian team for winning their fifth consecutive Olympic gold in synchronised swimming with a flawless display at the Rio 2016 Olympics!