Polhemus device

Precise digitisation of sensor positions that enables you to measure the exact locations of the optodes. We distribute Polhemus devices to digitize the position of your optodes in 3D.

  • Specifications

    Polhemus Fastrak and Patriot devices are well-known in the neuroscience world for precise digitization of sensor positions. In combination with our device, you can measure the exact locations of the optodes on your participant’s head within Oxysoft. With our Oxysoft 3D extension you will benefit from a purely integrated solution, which guides you through the digitization process. No intermediate software is needed for this. Alternatively, we will support the import of other digitizer formats, e.g. coming from ANT’s xensor or Localite’s EEG PinPoint device.  The digitized optode locations will automatically be coregistered to the MNI template brain. This allows you to report the MNI coordinates of the participant’s measured brain activity with ease in your upcoming publications, and to better compare your results with contemporary fNIRS and fMRI literature.


Oxysoft optode digitization screen

Since Oxysoft has a direct interface to the Polhemus digitzer and knows the optode template, Oxysoft directly performs the coregistration of the digitized positions and presents them during the digitization process to you. This way, it is so easy to verify the output of the coregistration and digitization!

How does it work?

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