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We are an innovative Dutch company active in the field of medical research and quality assurance. For over a decade we have been providing user-friendly and high-tech solutions for fNIRS measurements and radiological quality management. Artinis participates in various scientific projects and works closely together with numerous universities around the globe. Besides, we are the world leader in portable NIRS and gold standard X-ray mammography phantoms, resulting in hundreds of publications worldwide! With extensive knowledge of the field we develop top-quality products and go above and beyond to support you. At Artinis we make optical imaging easy.

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Oxygenation monitoring

Truly portable and wireless research devices for brain and muscle tissue.


NIRS devices

Our NIRS devices enable you to monitor oxygen supply in both brain and muscle in a non-invasive, continuous and affordable way. By using our devices it is possible to measure both in the lab and in the field and analyse your data with our easy-to-use analysis software.

X-ray Phantoms

Quality assurance is a way of maintaining standards in imaging, resulting in better diagnostic usefulness and working towards minimal doses for both patients and laboratory workers. We deliver phantoms which can be used as part of a (daily) quality assurance program.

Customer support

We offer customer support, research consultancies, live product demo's, visits on location and many more services to help you further with your research.

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World leading in NIRS publications

Thanks to our customers, we are proud to be world leading in non-clinical (portable) NIRS research publications.


Scientific publications

Our NIRS devices are applied in numerous fields like sports science, brain oxygenation monitoring, functional studies, rehabilitation, mitochondrial function and brain computer interface. 


Portable NIRS publications


All NIRS publications



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MexNIRS, Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology, IC Sports and more. 


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