Starstim fNIRS 

Starstim/NIRS is the most modern wireless solution for brain stimulation and imaging.

Combine transcranial current stimulation (tCS: tDCS, tACS, tRNS) and electroencephalography (EEG) with functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) in one single headset.


Combine fNIRS, tCS and EEG


Starstim x BRITE / OCTAMON

The Starstim fNIRS package includes Neuroelectrics® StarStim (tCS and EEG) and Artinis Brite / OctaMon, both non-invasive and wearable technologies.
It allows clinicians and researchers to measure resting-state and task-related prefrontal cortical activity (EEG) and/or hemodynamics (fNIRS) before, during and after transcranial electrical stimulation in real-world settings. In addition to the equipment provided, the Starstim NIRS package includes online assistance by Silverline Research Services (SRS) on how to integrate these two state-of-the-art devices or to tailor the Starstim with another neuroimaging device specifically according to your research or clinical needs. SRS expertise can also provide specialized online or on-site training (1-5 days) to integrate tCS with neuroimaging (EEG and fNIRS) through every step as well as other neurophysiological techniques (TMS, fMRI) and applications (cognition, motor control, sports and virtual reality).




NIRS functionality

  • Number of channels: 8 or 24 channels

  • Sampling rate: 50 Hz

  • Light source: LED (2x wavelengths per transmitter)

  • Wavelengths: 760, 850 nm

  • Optode distance: 30 mm

EEG functionality

  • Number of channels: 8, 20, or 32 channels

  • Sampling rate: 500 Hz

  • Bandwidth: 0 to 125 Hz (DC coupled)

  • Resolution: 24 bits – 0,05 µV resolution

  • Noise: < 1 µV RMS

  • CMRR: -115 dB

  • Input impedance: 1 GΩ

Stimulation functionality

  • Number of channels: 8, 20, or 32 channels

  • Sampling rate: 1000 Hz

  • Frequency range: 0 to 250 Hz (tACS) and 0 to 500 Hz (tRNS)

  • Stimulation types: tDCS, tACS and tRNS

  • Maximum current per channel: ± 2mA

  • Current accuracy: 1%

  • Current resolution: 1 μA

  • Voltage: ± 15 V per electrode (30 V potential difference)



Starstim fNIRS 

What's in the box?

  • 1 x NeuroElectrics Starstim

  • 1 x Artinis Brite / OctaMon

  • Specialized training by Silverline Research Services (SRS)