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A wearable multi-channel fNIRS device for brain oxygenation measurement.


Our portable, user-friendly and comfortable fNIRS system

  • Truly portable and covering e.g. the prefrontal cortex, motor cortex or visual cortex.

  • Measures oxy-, deoxy- and total hemoglobin concentration changes.

  • Can be combined with other techniques such as EEG and tCDS.

  • Integrated 9-axis orientation sensor.

  • Easy analysis of your data with our superior analysis software; OxySoft.

  • Bluetooth connection or offline recording with a high sample rate.

  • Compatible in parallel usage to achieve 54 channels.



fNIRS made easy


fNIRS device

The Brite is a user-friendly, plug-and-play NIRS device with almost no set-up time. It works with multi-wavelengths LED’s, giving you continuous and real-time feedback in our data analysis software that is delivered with the system. It has a sample rate of up to 100 Hertz for Brite 23 and up to 50 Hertz for Brite 24. 

With the Brite system, you can make different templates, for example, 23 channels to cover the frontal cortex, 2x12 channels on the motor cortex, or 27 channels on the visual cortex. Short distance reference channels are also possible.

The soft neoprene head-cap and the portability of the system make monitoring the brain oxygenation status of elderly, children and vulnerable patients especially comfortable and easy. Hyperscanning (monitor multiple subjects at the same time) can easily be done because our software makes it possible to combine different Brites, or even one of our other NIRS devices within one data stream.


Subjects are even able to perform physical activities like walking and running while the device is connected with a long-ranged antenna Bluetooth to the laptop. The Brite has an integrated 9-axis movement sensor. It perfectly complements with our other portable NIRS devices e.g. for measuring muscle oxygenation. This makes it the most suitable fNIRS device for athletes currently on the market.



A wearable fNIRS device that is all set for your frontal cortex measurements.

  • 23 channels

  • Optimized for frontal cortex

  • Available for adults & children

  • Short separation channel possible


A wireless fNIRS device that can measure anywhere on the head.

  • Up to 27 channels

  • Optimized for hair-covered area

  • Available for adults & children

  • Short separation channel possible


Combine 2 Brite systems to create a greater measurement area.

  • Up to 54 channels

  • Measure anywhere on the head

  • Available for adults & children

  • Short separation channel possible


all specifications

The near infrared spectroscopy technique


how it works

Optical oximetry and near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) in particular is a tool for assessing the oxygenation status and hemodynamics of various organs, e.g. muscle and brain non-invasively. It relies on mainly two characteristics of human tissue. Firstly, the relative transparency of tissue for light in the NIR range, and secondly on the oxygenation dependent light absorbance of hemoglobin. Read more >

Real-time processing of fNIRS data in 3D

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All of our devices are bundled with OxySoft. OxySoft is our dedicated software application used to collect, store, view, and analyze all necessary data. This user-friendly software is developed by Artinis and highly customizable to individual requirements. OxySoft provides in real-time the calculation of oxy-, deoxy-, total hemoglobin and TSI.

Brite research package

Designed, produced and manufactured in The Netherlands, EU.

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  • Brite 23 / 24 / Dual Brite incl. head band or head cap

  • Laptop with pre-installed software

  • OxySoft, our proprietary data analysis software

  • OxySoft license key

  • USB Bluetooth dongle

  • Universal micro-USB cable

  • Battery charger

  • Pelicase packaging, ideal for heavy-duty fieldwork

  • User Manual

  • Support in setting up your research